Sometimes you need rest more than you need exercise

Jay Hiller, July 25, 2022

Tessy likes my exercise tips.

When you have a fitness goal or you’re on a good streak, it can be tricky to recognize when you need to rest. I’m not thinking about the times when you would rather lie on the couch and watch Netflix than pick up something heavy. (We’ve all felt like that at one time or another. And it’s very unusual in those cases to regret getting off the couch.) I’m talking about the times when you haven’t had enough sleep or you’re recovering from a bug or you have an overuse injury. Getting enough rest is an important component of any exercise program and we’re told that elite athletes make sure that they do. Making yourself workout at the first sign of recovery from illness or injury does your body and your immune system a real disservice. And sometimes it takes more discipline to stop and recover than it does to work out. So take care of yourself. A little rest can do a lot toward moving you to your goal.

Your exercise program will still be there when you feel better.
Thanks to my friend Nichelle for letting me use this picture of her gorgeous home gym.

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