Fractional weight plates are awesome

by Jay Hiller, July 26, 2022

Set of fractional weight plates–1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 lb pairs.

Sometimes fitness reminds me of when I was doing a lot of sewing. There’s always one more cool gadget. Fractional weight plates, that is plates that fit onto a barbell that weigh between .25 and 1 pounds are extremely helpful to have. Frequently the increments between traditional plates are 2.5 to 5 pounds, which can be a real jump up in weight when you’re doing something that already feels hard. Adding sets of much smaller weights can help you bridge those gaps and progress on a given exercise. There’s also a psychological boost that comes with lifting just a little bit more than you ever have before, even if it’s only a half pound. A personal best is a personal best.

A similar idea that the advertisers on my search engine keep pushing in front of me are dumbbell change plates. I haven’t worked with them yet and I want some the way I used to want a really nice pair of dressmaking shears. I really don’t need more stuff and these look so nice. From what I gather you pull them apart slightly and fit them onto the handles of your dumbbells or kettlebell.

Here’s a picture. If you already have them let me know what you think.

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