A great book about meditation

Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying by Light Watkins, Ballantine Books (Random House/Penguin Random House), New York, 2018

This is my favorite book about meditation.

When I read this book last year, I had had both a good amount of meditation instruction and quite a bit of of instruction on how to lead a meditation practice. This book changed everything for me. Meditation went from being an eat-your-vegetables part of yoga that I knew should do more of and didn’t really like to a non-negotiable part of my day twice a day since October of last year. Mr. Watkins is a trained as a Vedic meditation teacher, which has been described as a house holder’s form of meditation. That is, it’s for people who have normal life day-to-day responsibilities. His approach is truly painless. Find a comfortable place and body position. Close your eyes for 10 to 20 minutes. Allow yourself to think and feel. Repeat every day. The book is an easy read and the techniques are accessible for anyone. Mr. Watkins also has a daily email newsletter which is worth subscribing to. It’s about a paragraph long and contains an inspiring or positive thought for each day. Here’s a link to it:


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