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Just Egg plant-based scramble

by Jay Hiller, August 6, 2022

A plant based alternative to eggs that may be worth your consideration

What makes plant-based protein so interesting right now? For one thing, we’re living during a period of time where most people are aware that the way we’re using the planet’s resources is not sustainable. The unappetizing details of the way animals on factory farms are mistreated are disturbing. Yet, we need to eat. And if you’re not interested in cooking or busy, plant-based regimens can seem time-consuming and inconvenient. The Just Egg plant-based scramble is not a bad way to reduce your impact. I’m on my third bottle. It’s a little pricey–my grocery store usually offers coupons. It tastes good and scrambles up in a way that is very similar to a chicken’s egg.

I became aware of this product when I heard the CEO and co-founder Josh Tetrick speak about the product’s development and potential impact on our food supply on episode 214 of the podcast, The Proof. Even if plant-based eggs don’t interest you, you might find the interview interesting because of Mr. Tetrick’s entrepreneurial story. His description of how persistent and creative he and his team had to be is worth a listen. The link to it is below:

This is one of three recent episodes on The Proof where the host, Simon Hill interviews people who are working on making viable alternatives to animal-based protein. I also really liked episode 211 with Dr. Jared Raynes who is using precision fermentation to make cow’s milk without a cow. Am I the only one who didn’t know that was possible?

What are your favorite plant-based alternatives? I’m always looking for new ideas. Please use the contact form below to let me know.

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