I love minimalist shoes

by Jay Hiller, August 12, 2022

I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of minimalist shoes before I tried them. These are from Vivo Barefoot–I’m sure there are other brands.

The first time I heard someone talking about minimalist footwear, I thought they were talking about the running shoes that look a little like 1970’s toe socks. Yuk, was my reaction. When I realized that that wasn’t what they were talking about, I impulsively ordered a pair. There’s a lot to like about them.

The company I ordered from warns you to wear them for a while before you decide whether or not you like them. That’s good advice. The first few times I wore them my feet got tired. Once I got used to them, they were perfectly comfortable and they’re my preferred pair of walking shoes. Here are the things I like:

  • A nice wide toe box gives you a lot of room
  • They’re intended to strengthen your feet. With a long-term goal for being able to walk for however much longer I live, that’s quite appealing.
  • My favorite thing is that you can feel the ground under your feet in a different way than you can in even thin-soled ballet flats, for example. That type of sensory input from your feet is good for your brain. It’s fun to feel different textures under your feet as you walk.
  • I enjoy the way they look. They’re different.

If you already own a pair of these or give them a try, let me know.

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