Does it matter what my smart watch thinks of me?

by Jay Hiller, August 17, 2022

Tech, love it, hate, it, both?

When a friend of mine, texted me the message above a few days ago, I laughed out loud because I’m having issues with my smart watch. When my body complains to me about this and that, I think of it as a disgruntled office worker. My watch, on the other hand, is a judgy mean girl, a judgy mean girl who sometimes has a point.

In general, I have a hard time controlling my reaction to technology. I’ve had to make myself strict rules about my Instagram use, because I easily get sucked into 2 hours of sitting on the couch with my mouth open watching other people exercise. Yet, there’s a lot of amazing information and content on Instagram and I’ve learned a lot from it. I like knowing whether or not I got my heart rate into zone 2 on a given day and for how long and whether I reached my steps goal. I just hate the part where I start worrying obsessively over it. It’s definitely a balancing act. And I get irritated with my watch when I’m sitting in a meeting or another situation in which it would be awkward to stand up and take 112 steps just because it pings me to do so. Exactly who’s the boss here?

My friend by the way is a beast, who went from being completely sedentary to working out 2-4 x a week, dropped a couple of dress sizes and dropped her blood pressure 40 points. I’m super proud of her, whatever her watch thinks.

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