Strong A.F. is a relative term

by Jay Hiller, August 20, 2022

Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis on Unsplash

Last year, one of my friends went through three serious health crises, one after the other. One day I was sitting with her in her front room. She was collecting herself to walk the length of her front hallway, about 4 yards. This was extremely demanding for her physically and in between trials she rested and tried not to cry. (She’s well-recovered now, by the way, walking on her own in the neighborhood and killing it in physical therapy.)

If you’re old enough to be interested in a blog called The Over 42 Club, you know that any of us can get knocked on our butts in about 10 seconds. Because of my age and because of my worky-work job (special education/rehabilitation) I’ve been privileged to see over and over what real strength is. Certainly, I’m impressed by people who can lift a large amount of weight, compete in an ironman or play a sport at an elite level. And we all do what we can where we are. Whether you’re dealing with some health issue yourself or you’re supporting someone who needs you, any amount of physical activity you can safely do in the period of time you have merits a tremendous amount of respect.

Hey! I’ve been blogging for a month!

Many thanks to everyone who’s read the blog and encouraged me. I truly appreciate it.

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  1. You helped me recover. Full stop. You were instrumental in my recovery.

    1. That was an important time for me too, Liz. Love ya,

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