How the inversion practice is going

by Jay Hiller, August 31, 2022

The inversion practice is going well. Thanks for reading past that headline. I’ve been doing different headstand variations, including the one above. I think the point of it is that you line your spine up against the corner of the column and that tells you something about your symmetry in headstand. Yeah, yeah, yeah, very exciting, Iyengar yogis. For me, the fun part of it was figuring out how to do a headstand with my hands like that. It’s not really too different from the more conventional way I habitually do it. It took me a long time to figure out how.

Today, after I taught the SUP yoga class, I practiced headstand on the paddleboard. By that I mean, my head was on the paddleboard. Who would have thought that doing a headstand on top of something floating on the water would be different than doing it on the floor? Seriously, I’m used to being on it right side up. Upside down, it seemed wobbly. I’ll have to try again next week.

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