Couldn’t catch a wave: Workout after an icky day

by Jay Hiller, September 8, 2022

Just couldn't catch a wave at work today, but I could work out
Just couldn’t catch a wave at work today, but I could workout.
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

It was that kind of day–meetings, meetings and hey, why not another meeting? I didn’t feel like I was getting much done. Everybody’s been there I tried to break things up by taking a couple walks, which help me a lot. My office is basically a very nice closet, which I’m glad to have. And when I got home, after I ate and walked the dogs, I did a strength workout– Deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, curtsy lunges, hip thrusts and body saw planks. I’m sweaty, Sweetie. And I’m glad I worked out.

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