Magical exercise clothes that manifest love and optical illusion yoga pants

by Jay Hiller, September 10, 2022

yoga pants
My husband calls these yoga pants optical illusion pants. (This is not me.)

When I went to interview for my first yoga teacher job 8 years ago, I realized that most of the yoga clothes I had were in ratty shape, you know, from doing yoga in them. So I went to the mall and bought an outfit that I needed to teach 6 classes to cover the cost of. After the interview I almost never taught yoga in them. Although they were pretty, they just weren’t that comfortable.

I really like clothes and I like pretty clothes. But my favorite exercise clothes are not pretty. My very favorite winter running shirt is a 44 year old turtleneck my Aunt Barbara gave me for Christmas when I was 16. When I teach my friends yoga, I like old T-shirts. I have a gray Target T-shirt with a picture of the Beatles on it that I dug out of my daughter’s Goodwill bag that I love for teaching my friends yoga after work. Ditto for a green T-shirt from Valhalla, my favorite Austin bar, though I’ve never been there. I wore a pink San Diego T-shirt (never been there) that day after yoga class before the pandemic, hugging my brave smart friend. She passed away last winter. My most comfortable yoga pants are an ugly shade of brown with unfashionable flared legs from Lands End. For exercise, I like soft. I like worn out. And I like clothes that remind me of people I love.

What about optical illusion yoga pants?

My husband ordered me the pants above from Amazon. I have 4 pairs. They actually do make your rear end look good. I think it’s funny when he calls them optical illusion pants.

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