Why does my dog get better health care than I do?

by Jay Hiller, September 13, 2022

Photo by Simone Secci on Unsplash

At my last annual health exam, I was never asked at any point in the appointment if I had any concerns. The P.A. went through a list of standard questions and when it became clear to me that she didn’t have my records (I’ve been going there about 20 years) she told me they were on a computer she didn’t have access to. Then she asked me the results of visits I’d made to doctors her practice had referred me to and records she should have had. When my bloodwork came back prediabetic and high cholesterol, the advice I got was two sentences. Take Omega 3. Adopt low carb lifestyle. All in all, not very impressive. I’m just grateful I wasn’t sick, just pre-sick. I hate to think about how much my insurance was charged for that.

When I took my dog, Tessy, to the vet, I was asked several times if there was anything I was worried about. The vet asked about how the other dog, Barney, was responding to some medication she gave him last week for a rash. She spent a lot of time looking at Tessy and spent about 5 minutes explaining to me why the type of chews I’ve been giving her are going to break her teeth. It was a much better experience and throughout the appointment I kept wondering why that was.

Why does my dog get better healthcare than I do? Just asking.

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