Super fun! 9th annual Get Out Girl Paddlejam

September 26, 2022 by Jay Hiller

Here’s some of the stuff from today. I thought the bracelet was especially pretty this year.

I had a really good time at the 9th annual Get Out Girl Paddlejam today. It’s an event that’s organized to raise money to provide female first responders with recreational water equipment. It’s held in honor of two women who lost their lives on duty, Kristin McLain and Jessica Hollis. Participants can paddle at any pace they choose for any distance they like. I went 5 miles today to Jessica Hollis park and was happy to get off my board when I got there. I saw quite a few people going all the way there and back including a friend of mine (go Hanna!) Maybe next year I’ll be in shape to do that. My lowest common denominator were my feet which started to feel numb after a while and recovered when I took a break from standing and put them in the water. I enjoyed the trip back in a motor boat, which I don’t get to do very frequently. Motor boats go a lot faster than a paddleboard.

I also want to mention that the event was supported by a large number of awesome volunteers, including my husband, who got there much earlier than I did and left a long time after I did. Thanks to him and to everyone who volunteered today. And if you’re interested in attending next year, here’s a link to the website.

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