Equipment Review: Lebert Fitness Equalizer Bars

By Jay Hiller, September 30, 2022

There’s no difference between these 3 colors, except the colors. There’s also a version for people who are taller.

I bought a pair of EQ bars a few years ago because I was tired of doing inverted rows under my kitchen table. Critics of them say that you can do a lot of the stuff people use them for with other equipment. That might or might not be the case, but they are nice. Besides inverted rows, I use them for a standing yoga twist with one leg elevated (Uttita Marichyasana) which is great for unwhacking a cranky back. They’re a good height for glute bridges and standing pigeon. You can lie them on their sides and do push ups or agility drills with them. And I use them quite a bit when I just need something to hold onto for balance. Lebert Fitness offers a free Zoom class every Saturday with demonstrations on how to use them, which I found helpful. No buyers remorse here–I pull these out a couple times a week, most weeks.

Something to consider

I avoid making dietary and supplement recommendations, because I’m not qualified to do so. However, I thought I would share that I recently starting taking B12 once a week. (Once a week because the dose of the vitamins I bought is over 40,000 times the RDA.) I started doing so after reading that people over 60 have difficulty separating B vitamins from their food. People on plant predominant diets might consider doing so also. You should investigate for yourself. It’s just something I’ve been trying out for the last month with no adverse effects.

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