Leave the poison on aisle 4

by Jay Hiller, October 1, 2022

I’m still not done, and I think everyone should read this book.

Robert Lustig, an endicronologist, sums up his advice in one sentence: Feed the gut, protect the liver. If I were going to sum up how he advises us to do that, it would be to stop eating ultraprocessed food. He says that many of the diseases that send people to the doctor aren’t diseases at all. They’re symptoms and much of the medicine prescribed by doctors treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. The cause is the way most people eat. It’s all driven by the money that can be made from selling processed food and pharmaceutical products.

The reason I’m particularly engaged with this today, is that I read chapter 9 which tells you what the numbers on your lab report mean. I still have mine from 6 months ago. (Maybe you remember that I’ve been upset by the numbers I got back.) I went through mine and I don’t believe anymore that I’m at risk for heart disease or diabetes. My husband pointed out that they did me a favor because I cut a lot of stuff out over the last 6 months that wasn’t good for me. (I actually got asked at work last spring if it was M&M o’clock, meaning that I used to like M&M’s at a certain time and it had been noticed.) I have no intention of going back to eating like that, so that is one good thing that came out of what I believe was the misinterpretation of my lab results. However, if I can’t trust my doctor and her staff to read my lab results correctly when I’m well, how am I supposed to trust them when I’m sick?

Going forward, 6 months are up and I’m getting my blood work redone. I’m curious to see if I changed anything and by how much. Going forward, I’m going to keep up and improve on the high fiber, low to no refined sugar diet I’ve been on, because I feel better. And I’m going to read the rest of this book, because I think it has a lot of helpful information. I don’t know what I’m going to do about my care provider. I don’t think she’s fantastic and she’s probably not worse than anyone else.

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