Next little challenge

by Jay Hiller, October 6, 2022

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

Is it really only Wednesday? You can change your location but you can’t change that there’s always going to be frustrations and personalities. I’m trying to accept that without falling into a state of inaction.

Fortunately, work takes a lot of time but it’s not the only part of life. A friend went out of her way to do me a favor today. I saw someone that I haven’t seen for months. My daughter texted me. I had a nice walk with my husband and our dogs. My husband threw away some stuff that I’ve been begging him to get rid of for a long time. There was enough to eat today as there is everyday. The AC worked and so did my car. I enjoyed running water and a hot shower. I could go on. There are a lot of things going my way.

I did an upper body workout today, bench press variations, inverted rows, chin ups, front raises, bicep curls, and pullovers. I felt better at the end of it than I did before I started.

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