A good laugh

by Jay Hiller, October 11, 2022

Photo by Amanda Sofia Pellenz on Unsplash

Yesterday afternoon, I watched Mexican Week on the Great British Baking Show and found myself laughing out loud a couple of times. I love the goofiness of that show, the corny jokes, the way the diverse group of contestants tries to help each other. And as a Texan, I thought the British interpretation of tacos and tres leches cake was pretty funny. (I would have eaten every single dish that was prepared, regardless of how funny I thought they were.)

Laughing is really good for you. A few times I’ve been in yoga classes where the teacher has you fake laugh. A group of people fake laughing together leads, sooner than you would think to real laughter. I could use some more laughter yoga. I wish my life were more like The Great British Baking Show. And if anyone wants to bring me a taco, you know where to find me.

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