I don’t wanna strategy: put on your exercise clothes and sit with your exercise stuff

by Jay Hiller, October 20, 2022

Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash

Quite a day at worky-work today. Thank goodness I won’t even remember most of it in 2 weeks. Nevertheless, I’m grouchy, mildly congested and I don’t feel like exercising. So I put on an obnoxiously bright pair of yoga pants and a T shirt I like. As soon as I close this blog post, I’m going to sit in the part of my home where I keep my workout equipment for at least 20 minutes. How much do you wanna bet that I’ll be moving in less than 5? There’s an even better chance that when I’m finished moving I’ll feel much much better than I do now. Try it sometime, it works.

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