A good yoga book, ginger tea and monarch butterflies

by Jay Hiller, October 21, 2022

The monarchs are loving this bush, whatever it is. Gorgeous weather in Austin today. I love that my shadow is sharing the bush with the Monarch, who told me snootily that she did not give me permission to use her image in my blog. I decided to ignore her, as one does.

Monarch butterflies and ginger tea

Monarch butterflies and ginger tea are my favorite things today. I’m thrilled to see so many monarchs in my yard. And ginger tea is helping me with the congestion that’s been bugging me this week. It’s a complex recipe–take a plug of ginger and steep it in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Book Review: A Chair For Yoga: A complete guide to Iyengar yoga practice with a chair by Eyal Shifroni

There is a type of chair yoga that’s a legitimate and powerful practice and is meant for people who are ill or deconditioned. This is not that. This is using a folding chair as a prop to experience the freedom of yoga poses that you might not be able to access otherwise. It has detailed instructions and pictures of people who are very very good at yoga demonstrating the poses. No matter how strong and flexible you are, no matter how much of a yoga monster you are, you can get a satisfying practice from the things shown in this book. The chair used as a prop teaches you about the poses and about your own body.

There is such a thing as a yoga chair, which is a folding chair with the top back thing-a-ma-jig removed (are you loving these technical terms?) so that there’s more room to thread your legs through. I’ve been fine with a much less expensive chair my husband bought from a big box store. Not as much room and it’s fine.

3 months of daily posting!!!

I’m a quarter of the way through my goal of posting for an entire year. Many many thanks to everyone who’s read any of my posts.

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