Gadget Review: Add on change plate pairs

by Jay Hiller, October 25, 2022

I love these!

I started using these add on change plate pairs last week. They’re like fractional plates, only for dumbbells. The idea is that it can be a big jump between the dumbbell weights available to you and that adding these little plates to the end of your dumbbells helps you bridge that gap, lift a little heavier and get stronger. So for example, if moving from 12 lbs to 15 is hard, you add these to the end of your 12 to make 12.5, 13, whatever. I found that they fit my conventional dumbbells, my adjustable dumbbells and my adjustable kettlebell. They’re a rubbery material that flexes to fit like a C around the dumbbell handles. They’re a little pricey and I think I’ll be using them for a long time.

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