Streaming Yoga Review:

by Jay Hiller, November 2, 2022

I’ve been a yoga teacher for 8 years. I know how to plan a sequence and lead a class. I also get tired of my own ideas. My favorite streaming service is I’ve used it for years. I like the variety of master instructors as well as the different styles of yoga available. In the last few years they’ve introduced cardio, strength and Pilates classes, which I very much enjoy. There’s a 2 week trial option for those who aren’t sure they want to make a commitment. The price per month is less than a price of a drop in studio class and there’s no contract. Admittedly, with a streaming service you don’t get the community that comes with studio classes. Who doesn’t love automatic friends? A teacher in a streamed class can’t offer you corrections. (That could be a plus as well as a minus. Sometimes I like feedback. Other times I just want to practice without someone bugging me about how the arch of my foot isn’t just so.)

Whatever their disadvantages, streamed classes are available whenever you’re ready and you don’t have to drive anywhere. If you’re looking for this type of service, is worth checking into.

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