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By Jay Hiller, November 3, 2022

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Today I started a new set of workouts. I change up my workouts about once a month as the online strength training club I belong to publishes new ones. Sometimes, I feel reluctant to let the current workouts go. This time it was a relief. They just weren’t that much fun to me last month. I actually thought that maybe had been doing them for 2 months and had to check my app to confirm that it had only been a month.

Tonight’s workout was an upper body workout that included a kajillion full-arch shoulder raises. Also I peeked ahead to the Day 3 exercises which include something called a lateral Heiden (after the speed skater) which I’ve been doing all day for the fun of it. I loved the power, deceleration and balance.

Other pages turning

A friend I loved passed away about a year ago, a few days after her birthday. Today is her birthday. My adult daughter is visiting with her boyfriend. When we moved into this house she was a baby. My neighbor’s dog has gray hair on her face (cute as a button.) Things change and as the country song lyric says, you can’t fence time.

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