The Right Story

by Jay Hiller, November 20, 2022

Photo by Max Saeling on Unsplash

A book I’ve been looking forward to reading, Death by Comfort by Paul Taylor, arrived in the mail today. It opens with this quote:

“You’re okay the way you are” is not the right story. The right story “You’re way less than you could be.”

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

What a concept that is. Even if the rest of the book stinks, and it’s not going to, this thought alone is worth the purchase price. You can apply it to health and fitness of course, which I believe is Mr. Taylor’s intention. Tonight I’m finding it valuable in terms of personal goals. I’m starting a self-directed project on Tuesday that I’ve put off for 4 months because of other obligations. I am not sure I’m skilled enough to pull it off. I am determined enough. And determination counts for more than anything else.

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