Reviving my running practice

by Jay Hiller, November 23, 2022

Photo by Patrick Mueller on Unsplash

There was something about feeling better after feeling so bad for two weeks that just made me want to move. I haven’t been a consistent runner for about 7 years now. I had been marathoning and I kept injuring my lower legs. When I took time off, I got interested in other forms of exercise. That was to my benefit because running had been a main source of exercise for a long time. It was good to explore other things. Today I put on my shoes and ran a couple miles with periodic walking breaks.

Shortly before I got sick, there was a runaway dog on my street being pursued by a preschooler and the preschooler’s neighbor. I joined in. It felt so good to run. “Catch him!” the preschooler said. I really tried. (The dog didn’t get caught until the preschooler’s dad showed up.) Anyway, I’m going to start running again a few times a week on the days I don’t lift weights. It’s a great outdoor activity. I like being out early in the morning before everybody gets up. And it feels good.

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