The walls of my house are scared of me: adventures with wall squats

by Jay Hiller, November 26, 2002

Photo by Augustine Wong on Unsplash

The walls in my house are scared of me and not because I’m going to dust them, wash them and paint them, a process they need badly. (And just to be clear, the plans to do those things are hypothetical and will get done by my husband, not me.) They’re scared of me because my friend, Hanna, showed me how to do a wall squat the other day. I’m bad at them and I’m also obsessed.

Walls make good props. In the wall squat exercise you position yourself close to the wall and let it keep your body upright as you squat. For good examples of what they should look like, look at the posts from Gaby on the Instagram account Venus weightlifting. She demonstrates all kinds of variations. After a week of doing them, I can tell a difference, although I’m still pretty bad. And no wall in my house is safe.

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