Fitness classes create community

by Jay Hiller, November 30, 2022

Photo by Amauri Mejía on Unsplash

For the last eight years, except for during the global lockdown, I’ve taught a yoga class once a week after worky-work. It’s hands-down one of my favorite classes to teach. Mostly we practice in an OT/PT mat room on the campus where we all work, but at another stage of the pandemic we practiced outdoors under a pavilion. The class started as a way for me to get experience when I first started teaching. Now I value it because it’s been such a great way to get to know people on another level than sitting with them in a meeting.

Have you heard? Humans like to be in groups and one of the benefits of being in a fitness class together is doing sets of movements in unison. It’s calming and creates a sense of belonging. When I attended studio yoga classes there was an instant-friends element to being there that I loved. People tend to be on good behavior in yoga studios. And I think it’s not necessarily unique to yoga studios. When I belonged to a big box gym, there were many times when people were friendly and kind to me, just because.

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