Out in nature

by Jay Hiller, December 4, 2022

Photo by Craig Pattenaude on Unsplash

It’s a good time of the year to live in Central Texas. I taught my paddleboard yoga class and the trees on the other side of the lake were turning red and yellow. It was chilly so no boats, which was nice and only one student, which made the class much easier to teach. Later in the afternoon, as the sun was going down, I could see the same bluffs through the window of the studio where I was teaching a more conventional yoga class.

My smart watch says that I did okay in terms of activity today and I would classify all of my activity as incidental. I didn’t have any kind of exercise session for myself, except for a minute or two on the assisted chin up machine. A lot of walking between the parking lot and the place where I teach. A lot of jumping up and down to demonstrate something or other. Incidental activity is good. I’m planning this week to have more dedicated exercise sessions than I managed last week.

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