Saturday morning run, tired mind trick

by Jay Hiller, December 11, 2022

Little trees like this one helped me with my run. Photo by Devon MacKay on Unsplash

On my run Saturday morning, I noticed, not for the first time, that I always want a walking break in exactly the same spot. It happens to be the start of a long uphill. You probably remember that I’m in the stage of reviving a consistent running practice. Part of being in that stage for me is that I find excuses for walking breaks without difficulty. Today, I used a trick that I used to do when I was in better running shape and running much longer distances: mini-goals. I pick out landmarks ahead, sometimes not much further ahead, and tell myself that’s as far as I have to run. And when I get there I mentally celebrate. Woo-hoo made it to the leading edge of that driveway! Onward to the cedar elm! (It’s a dorky trick, I admit it. It works.) No walking breaks this morning.

Speaking of long hauls….

I met my long-suffering husband 39 years ago this weekend. It was a lucky day for me. We’re celebrating with a swim at Barton Springs later.

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