An interesting documentary about grief, gratitude, hope and running

by Jay Hiller, December 17, 2022

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

This afternoon I watched a 40 minute documentary about ultramarathoner Sally McRae. The link to the documentary was sent to me by a supplement company. In spite of that, it was worth watching and the product placement wasn’t obnoxious. The name of the documentary is Choose Strong.

Sally Macrae ran 5 ultramarathons in 81 days, a total of 507 miles, 1 mile for each month her mother, who died of cancer at age 43 when Sally was 14, was alive. The last 10 miles were from Sally’s childhood home to her mother’s grave. In the documentary she talks about concepts such as being grateful that we’re alive and having hope. It shows the physical and mental struggles she dealt with on her runs and discusses the importance of persistence and consistency. It’s a good story and worth watching even if you’re not interested in running.

Here’s the link:

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