Cold front day, day off, legs day

by Jay Hiller, December 22, 2022

Three things about my day. Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

Here are three things about today:

First, a cold front blew in

I proved I don’t remember how to dress for cold weather by going on the dog walk with my ankles exposed to the air and wearing too thin gloves. For my run tomorrow, I plan to wear two pairs of long long pants and two pairs of gloves. Incidentally, the warmest place in my house is the landing at the top of the stairs. I’m considering camping there.

Second, no job responsibilities today

This is the first day in a long time that I haven’t had to go to worky-work or teach yoga. I took care of an errand I’ve been stalling on for a long time, texted with a friend and then my aunt, read my library book and worked out. My husband was home. Pretty much the perfect day.

Third, today’s leg workout

It was great to have time to work out without feeling rushed. My workout included several different types of deadlifts, reverse lunges, dumbbell front squats, adductor exercises and side plank variations.

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