A fact about coconut

by Jay Hiller, December 29, 2022

Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

When I was a teenager, my mom told me not to eat bananas because they were fattening. A doctor had told her that when she was 20 and she passed it on to me. It’s easy to misinterpret information about food and generally I’m against putting foods in never ever eat this categories. I think it’s good to know about the nutritional properties of foods so that when you eat them, you know what you’re getting.

In that spirit, I’ll share a fact about coconut that surprised me. Coconut contains saturated fat, the type of fat that I’m trying to limit because I’m concerned about my cholesterol. Coconut oil and coconut milk show up in a lot of vegan recipes, recipes I use to try to lower my cholesterol. One cup of coconut milk has 41.8 grams of fat and of those 37.1 grams are saturated fat. In other words, 88.8% of the fat grams in coconut milk could contribute to high cholesterol levels. (Nutritional information from The Proof Is In the Plants by Simon Hill.) If like me, that’s something that you’re paying attention to, it’s good to know that.

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