How I manage my screen time

By Jay Hiller, January 7, 2023

I had trouble with this kind of screen too. Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

I have a hard time unplugging from screens. It’s not hard for me to lose a couple of hours sitting on the couch looking at Instagram with my mouth open. It’s probably not good for anybody and for me social media sites have a depressing effect. I just feel lethargic and unhappy if I spend too much time on the internet.

What’s helped me a lot is this guideline: I stay off Facebook and Instagram for recreation except for on Sundays. On Sundays I don’t stay on more than 30 minutes. I let myself go on Facebook to post the links to this blog daily and if I see something that I feel I want to like or comment on, such as someone’s birthday, I let myself do that and then I get right off.

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