The Quest for a Third Place

By Jay Hiller, January 29, 2023

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

There’s work. There’s home. And there’s a third place, where you run into people you know and have a good time. As if life were that old TV show, Cheers. My third place used to be a yoga studio I spent a lot of time at between 2010 and 2014. And then many members of the community, including myself moved to another yoga studio and that studio was my third place for a while.

I’m feeling the need for a third place now and it’s hard to identify one. I’m at a stage where I prefer working out and practicing yoga on my own. I’m not a fan of eating out, I work a lot and I’m introverted. I told my husband yesterday that I’m going to try harder to be social. I started by saying yes to an invitation to go walking with a friend. And I’m going to email another friend later and ask her if she wants to get together.

My workouts this week:

During the week I walked the dogs and did three strength workouts. I did yoga for myself a couple of times. I don’t count teaching as a my own practice because I’m not paying attention to myself, but I taught 5 yoga classes this week. Last night I had an exceptionally nice swim in the lap pool at the hotel where I teach yoga. It was already after dark and it’s lit from underneath. They keep it rather warm and when I first got in and realized that, I didn’t think I would have a good swim. Wrong again, all the moving parts were working smoothly and there was that nice feeling like you’re flying when pushing off the wall. Here’s a picture of the pool:

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