Cooking + Legs Day

By Jay Hiller, February 6, 2022

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

I’ve cooked quite a bit the last few days, which is not like me at all. You may remember my ongoing project to cook all the dishes in the Vegan Instant Pot cookbook my daughter gave me. Yesterday I made a wild rice salad which was a lot of work. I thought it was good and judged it to be worth the effort. Tonight I made this lima bean tomato thing. It has a better name than lima bean tomato thing and it was still way too time consuming for a Monday. I haven’t tried it yet so I’m hoping it was worth the effort. I’ll know after lunch tomorrow.

Hey, should I take it the wrong way that after I did all that cooking, my husband announced that he was going to the grocery store? And then…he followed through.

A new (to me) deadlift variation

It’s the beginning of a new month and I started some new workouts. For legs day today, I learned a new deadlift variation a pause deadlift, where you pause for 3-5 seconds on the eccentric phase just below your knees. I found it to be considerably harder than a conventional deadlift.

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