The Bucket Concept

by Jay Hiller, February 18, 2023

Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

We all have areas of strength when it comes to accomplishing goals. There are areas where we feel intrinsically motivated and it’s not hard to put in the time you need to to get what you want done. Exercise is like that for me . There are many other areas where there are things I’d like to do and I experience quite a bit of internal resistance around working on them. For me, I think the resistance comes from issues of self-trust.

Yesterday at worky-work, I was exposed to an organizational tool. I can’t remember what the presenter said it’s official name is, so I’m calling it the bucket concept. We have buckets that we fill daily (our daily habits) that overflow into weekly buckets (weekly short-term goals) and those overflow into monthly buckets (monthly goals) and those in turn flow into yearly buckets (yearly goals.) My interpretation of this is that the building block of the important things you get done are your daily habits. Hardly an original thought. Nevertheless, it motivated me to rethink my plan for an important goal I have that I have not been working on.

By the way…

I have mixed feelings about presentations done over Zoom. Two of the four in-services I attended yesterday were over Zoom. They were excellent. An advantage was that I could putter around my office while I listened to it. When a work-related phone call came in, I put it on mute and got something important done. What I didn’t like was the isolation of sitting in my closet-like office interacting over a computer. We’re in a strange transition time with this technology and knowing how to manage it. It’s great and it stinks, all at the same time.

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  1. Interesting post! In thinking of “bucket concept”, there can be those times where even fulfilling daily habit(s) can be a monumental chore. Imagine an individual (whether suffering from depression, indecisiveness, or organizational issues) who finds any daily/weekly/monthly/year goal a distinct and impossible feat.

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