The spring break I needed

by Jay Hiller, March 16, 2023

I kept asking myself, “Shouldn’t I want more from spring break than the opportunity to clean the refrigerator?” Shouldn’t I be traveling or something?” Yet this was exactly the spring break I needed and I’ll be traveling next weekend. It’s felt good to rest and have a chance to catch up on things. It’s not the spring break I should have. It’s the spring break I need.

As I mentioned, next week I’ll be traveling and I have a whole slate of decisions to make in the coming weeks. This week I’m working out, vacuuming and cleaning the refrigerator. And somehow I’ve managed to misplace a bag of mangos. That’s what I get for cleaning and I’ll be looking for them today.

Today’s workout:

With all this time to myself I’ve been going for 17,000+ steps a day and so far I’m making it. I have an upper body workout planned for later today–overhead presses, assisted chin ups, rows and bicep/tricep exercises.

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