An unexpected dopamine hit: Buy Nothing groups

By Jay Hiller, March 17, 2023

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

When I first joined my local buy nothing group, I thought it would be a good way to off load some stuff. It is. I’ve given away several things now that I knew I would never use again and was unsure of how to get out of my house responsibly. I would really to think that nothing of mine is floating around off the coast of Africa or in that giant dead trash heap in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The unexpected part is how much fun it is. People tell you what they’re going to do with the things you’re giving them. The basket will be perfect for the new baby’s room. I’m going to make fruit juice gummies with the gelatin you bought by accident. I love it and think it’s going to be a good tool in my mission to cut down on things and save my children the need to rent a backhoe after I pass away. (Which, I hope, incidentally, won’t be for a while.)

The word I’ve been dancing around here is Facebook. It’s definitely a double edged sword for me. Someone advised me once that if I don’t like social media to change the way I use it. I think I’m on the path to this with making the majority of my social media time for a limited time on Sundays. I’m giving myself a hall pass to use it for this.

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