The Don’t-Be-a-Pain-in-the-Butt-While-on-Vacation exercise program

By Jay Hiller, March 27, 2023

Do you have to be over 42 to recognize this brand? (Jersey City, NJ March 26, 2023. Photo by me.)

I had a great weekend visiting family in New Jersey this week. At home, for the most part, I’m disciplined with my workouts and I avoid some foods for health reasons. On vacation, I tried to be flexible. I worked in brief yoga sessions in the morning when I woke up, took a couple of great walks with my daughter and her boyfriend and danced at a family party. I called all of that good enough and I think it was. Consistency is important and so is the ability to adapt. I’m home now and can get right back to my programs this week.

By the way…

I took the picture above because I liked the sign, but it’s not representative of what a good place Jersey City is. They’re doing creative things with their buildings. They have beautiful parks, a light rail system and fun things to do. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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