Who are you?

by Jay Hiller, April 6, 2023

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

Yesterday I watched a video of myself explaining who I was in terms of my resume and then in terms of my relationship to someone else. Everything I said was accurate but it was also incomplete. Thinking about yourself in terms of something you do or in terms of your relationship to others is like looking at yourself through a funhouse mirror and believing that you’re looking at an accurate representation of yourself. There are people who think that there is really only one thing and that we’re all different iterations of it, a point of view that I like. I’ve been thinking about this all day.

Today’s workout

I didn’t sleep well last night and I chose a light workout today. I did 3 sets of 6 psoas strengthening exercises and then I pulled out a yoga book and practiced twists. I enjoyed both practices and felt a little lighter when I was done.

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