Everyday is a chance to turn it all around

By Jay Hiller, April 10, 2023

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

I used to read housekeeping books, because I wanted to be a better home manager. (Reading the books without actually doing housework doesn’t clean the house, by the way, though I kept hoping it would.) In one of them, and I wish I could remember which one, the author suggested that one way to think of time as a virtual bank account and everyday a loving friend deposits $86,400 (24x60x60) for us, with the only constraint being that we spend all of it every day. It stayed with me. No matter what we’ve allowed to come between us and our goals or even just our enjoyment of life, every day we get to start fresh.

I haven’t worked out yet today.

I was planning on lifting weights and then my husband suggested we go swimming. I like swimming and I’d like to spend time with my husband, so I’m hoping that’s how things will go.

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