What can you get done in 2000 hours?

By Jay Hiller, April 23, 2023

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

A long time ago when I first started teaching yoga, I calculated how long it would take me to teach 2000 hours of classes: 9 years. As of this morning, I’m 30 hours away and it looks like I’ll be done in….8 years 11 months. I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned in 8+ years of teaching yoga and the experiences I’ve had. There’s a saying the top of one mountain is the bottom of another. At first I thought that the bottom of the next mountain would be to continue to develop my skills as a yoga and fitness teacher, something I would have done anyway. So that was an easy goal to formulate. And then I realized that a more meaningful thing to do would be to apply the same consistency and time to a goal in another area of my life. You can get a lot done in 2000 hours, one hour at a time.

This weekend…

I was lucky on Friday to be able to see a friend I hadn’t been able to see for over a year while she battled leukemia. She was too sick to have anyone but immediate family around her. What a wonderful gift to see her looking strong and recovering from that terrible ordeal.

I also cooked a lot this weekend, which is unusual for me. I made vegetarian fried rice, vegetable broth, refrigerator pickles and Mexican lentil soup.

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