Little things

By Jay Hiller, April 30, 2023

Photo by Marie-Hélène Rots on Unsplash I didn’t realize that I was going to write about spiders when I found this picture of a ladybug.

Last weekend, I found a spider on the floaty thing-a-ma-jig that we hook paddleboards into to practice SUP yoga. He must have hitchhiked from the boat dock. I like spiders so I transferred him to my paddleboard, you know, to give him a ride back home. It must have been an ordeal for the spider because in the transfer process he fell in the water and I had to fish him out. Then I paddled back to the boat dock and didn’t think about him again until 10 minutes later. I looked for him, didn’t see him and hoped I hadn’t inadvertently knocked him back into the lake. About an hour later, a friend of mine noticed that he was in my hair. As I said, I like spiders and they must like me too.

I didn’t think about this again until a few minutes ago when I decided to start writing about gratitude. I heard someone suggest last week that it’s good to notice little things like your fingers working just fine and having enough to eat. And having a friend who will pull a spider out of your hair for you, when that’s necessary. My friend, Glenda, includes #I’mgrateful on all her Instagram posts. It’s not a bad way to approach things.

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