The Friday Night Sigh

by Jay Hiller, May 12, 2023

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Twelve years ago I had a great routine on Friday afternoons. After work, I would go to the gym and swim laps. Then I would go to the library to kill time before going to the yoga studio and taking class from a gifted teacher. For reasons I’ve never understood, the class was poorly attended and many times I’d end up with a private lesson. I started calling Friday evenings the Friday night sigh.

I don’t have that exact routine anymore, but I still have that sense of everyone relaxing on Friday afternoons. Today after work I took care of some household management stuff, helped walk the dogs, read and lifted weights.

Somebody somewhere’s miracle

I read in the paper a day or two ago that there’s a promising prototype vaccine for pancreatic cancer. A friend of mine died of it 18 months ago and I understand that generally the survival rates are low. As many things that are not going well in the world right now, this is a wonderful development.

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