Rainy weather morning swim

By Jay Hiller, May 13, 2023

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Just last night when I wrote about how I used to swim on Friday afternoons, I thought about how I should go to the neighborhood pool more often. After we took the dogs this morning, my husband suggested that we go swimming. It’s been raining here a lot the last 2 days and it seemed like there was a good break in the weather.

It turned out to be an awesome thing to do. No one else was there and the water temperature was on the chilly side of perfect. Toward the end of our swim it was raining lightly, which I liked a lot. After my swim I did some pool walking. I was also curious to see how a hip mobility exercise I’ve been practicing would be in the water. Out of the water, lying on my abdomen it’s hard to do and hard to make myself do. Out of the water, standing up, it’s too easy. Standing in the water–hello Goldilocks–it’s just right.

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