The complexity of Mother’s Day

By Jay Hiller, May 14, 2023

by Jay Hiller, May 14, 2023

Mother’s Day is there if you have young children and you’re tired. Mother’s Day is there if you’re children are adults that you’re proud of. Mother’s Day is there if you’re children are troubled. Mother’s Day is there if your children have passed away. Never wanted to have children and don’t, first Mother’s Day without your mother, have a complex relationship with your mother, can’t wait to have brunch with your mother today–Mother’s Day is a holiday with almost as many circumstances as there are human beings on the planet. As I write this paragraph, I’m getting ready to teach a yoga class and I don’t know whether to say Happy Mother’s Day or not. Maybe I’ll say, “Happy Mother’s Day” and as I say it I’ll think of everyone for whom Mother’s Day isn’t that happy.

A few years ago, a friend texted me that God had placed us in each other’s lives so that we could help each other raise awesome human beings. That’s the reality of my experience as a mother. I’m proud of both my children and becoming a mother was the most important thing that ever happened to me.

So Happy Mother’s Day whatever your circumstances. And if it’s not a happy day for you, I’m thinking of you.

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2 responses to “The complexity of Mother’s Day”

  1. Very well said! You covered the bases so well (I think many folks apply to more than one of those categories). Let’s celebrate the day we all see fit. Happy Mother’s Day to you, yogamarathonmom!

    1. Thank you Peter! And thank you for reading my post!

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