Soul clean out: Yoga, Netflix and a good cry

By Jay Hiller, Monday May 15, 2023

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

I like the Netflix show, Firefly Lane. The other night after my yoga practice, which was strength based and demanding for me, I watched a couple of episodes. The last season is sad if you’ve been into it and are familiar with the characters. I cried so hard. And when it was over and I’d turned off my computer, I noticed that I felt good, as if I’d cleaned something out. I’d released a lot of tension crying like that after a workout. It’s a trick I’ll have to remember.

Sunday morning on Lake Austin

It was perfect weather for SUP yoga on Lake Austin yesterday, warm, cloudy and (this isn’t really weather) and no boats. Before my yoga class I saw a double crested cormorant twice on the boat dock and got close to it. After my class it was raining and for some reason, not sure why, easy to see turtles swimming under the water.

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