Finish something

By Jay Hiller, May 24, 2023

Photo by Reid Naaykens on Unsplash

There are two unfinished needlepoint projects under my desk. I started one of them in 2002 and the second one in 2006. I know the point where I stopped working on them and every time I glance in their direction it zaps a little of my energy. Up until now, I haven’t been able to accept the idea that I’m not going to finish them ever, so they’re there, under the desk.

In contrast, with the upcoming graduation of one of my students and my last communication with the student’s family, I finished a 7 year project today. And with 5 more hours of work, I’ll finish a 9-year personal project. When I started each of these, the finish line seemed far away. Knowing that they’re almost complete boosts my confidence.

By the way, this weekend, I’m posting the needlepoints in the buy nothing group. I’ll move them off my plate by finding someone else who wants to finish them.

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