A conversation, not a wrestling match

By Jay Hiller, May 30, 2023

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

In her book, Yoga For Bendy People, Libby Hensley recommends that foam rollering be approached as a conversation with your body, rather than a wrestling match. By that I think she means that we should approach foam rollering as an inquiry and not a tool for self-punishment. I liked this because it matches my approach to physical practices in general. I like testing the edges of my strength, mobility and balance, but I don’t believe in hurting myself.

I’m about 75 percent through with the book, and plan to review it here soon. I was surprised by how much helpful information I’ve found in it for my own practice, as I’m not at all bendy.

Today’s workout:

It was my first day with no work obligations in a really long time, which felt great. I did a lower body strength workout in the morning (deadlifts, bulgarian split squats, hamstring curls, plank variations and other stuff I don’t remember,) In the afternoon, I went swimming and sat in the sauna and hot tub. It was a good day.

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