A bathing suit with me at all times

By Jay Hiller, June 5, 2023

You can never have too many bathing suits. Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

“And when you mean, with you, you don’t just mean in the same building, but you don’t know where it is?” my husband asked.

I’ve had a series of locker room mishaps since I joined a new gym last week. I’ve locked myself out of my locker, a bunch of times, lost a favorite bathing suit for about 15 hours and today I forgot to bring a bathing suit with me. My husband has had some good ideas to get me organized: always use the same combo, always use the same scramble code so if you mess up the sequence of setting the combo and then scrambling it you know what the scramble code was. One night he drove me back to the gym pretty late so I could unsuccessfully look for the lost bathing suit and then put up with not being able to say the word bathing suit around me until it turned up in the lost and found the next morning.

Anyway, the concept of always traveling with a bathing suit and goggles has been with me almost as long as I’ve known how to swim. You never know when a great pool is going to pop up. One of the best was in Vancouver, Canada in a hotel that had a 25 meter multilane pool in a greenhouse on the roof. I’ll never forget hearing the rain on the glass while I swam.

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