Make it a great day!

By Jay Hiller, June 5, 2023

Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash

On November 1, 2022, discouraged and ticked off, I pulled a notebook out of my purse and wrote “Things that make this a bad day.” Then I listed four things, all of them pretty bad,. They still seem bad looking back at them 7 months later. When I stumbled across this list 15 minutes ago, my first thought was that Cindy would never make a list like this. Cindy signs every email with “Make it a great day!” She’s one of the most positive people I know and one of the most effective.

I was thinking about her a lot yesterday. Today a nonprofit foundation she has, Operation Get Out, is giving away 200 bikes to children who have never had a new bike ( One of the reasons I like my yoga teaching job so much is because of her influence on me there, though I hadn’t thought about that part of things much until yesterday when I saw her husband on the Operation Get Out Instagram explaining what they were doing.

So, make it a great day!

Another reason it’s a great day today

It’s my friend Nichelle’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nichelle! I’m so lucky to know you.

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2 responses to “Make it a great day!”

  1. OK, let’s write a list of GOOD things and have a great day!! Thanks for a really inspiring entry 🙂

    1. A good thing on my list is hearing from you. Thanks for reading the blog.

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