My bottle of cheap hair conditioner is almost empty or summer doesn’t last forever

by Jay Hiller, July 4, 2023

Photo by Joan Tran on Unsplash

I’ve been swimming a lot this summer. To keep my hair color from fading, before I swim I get it completely wet in the shower and then I saturate it with cheap creme rinse and put on a cap. The bottle’s almost empty and my membership at the club I joined for the summer will be over in 4 weeks. I would really like to stay in good swimming shape this fall and winter and am starting to think of places I could go. I’m sure I’ll figure out a place to swim and there’s not any shortage of cheap hair conditioner.

Today’s workout–pop up TRX opportunity

I had some time between the classes I was scheduled to teach today and my friend Hanna invited me to take her TRX class. I think I’d done it once before a long time ago and didn’t remember anything including how fun it is. What made it better was the treat of learning from a teacher who understands the system and exercises really well and who took the time to look at me and suggest corrections. Sometimes the TRX put us in positions that challenged our strength. Other times it offered support and allowed me to get deeper into body shapes I tend to be stiff in. As Hanna predicted, I really liked it.

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